About Arabic Hands Off Venezuela

Exactly four years ago, on April 13, 2002, an impressive movement of literally millions of downtrodden people from the poor neighbourhoods, from the peasant villages, from the factories defeated the short-lived right wing coup d’état against Chavez. The left-wing president was put back in power thanks to this heroic movement. This was a unique event of historic proportions. There was no historical precedent where such a well planned and orchestrated reactionary coup had been overthrown within 48 hours by the spontaneous upsurge of the masses. Today is the anniversary of that fateful day when the Venezuelan masses stopped reaction in its tracks.

That is why the Arab supporters of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign have chosen this day to launch this new Arabic language website (http://arabic.handsoffvenezuela.org) dedicated to solidarity with the revolutionary process in Venezuela. The growing interest among left-wing youth and workers in the Arab world is not an accident.

Chavez’s anti-imperialist stance, his attacks against Bush have had an impact in the Arab world, for they are such a contrast compared to the obsequious submission of the Middle Eastern oil sheiks to Uncle Sam! What a difference it makes to use the oil revenues to finance the eradication of illiteracy, to establish free education, healthcare for all and other social needs of the vast majority! What a difference with the Arab dictatorships who oppress the masses! President Chavez knows that the only way forward is in the growing rank and file organisations and the rise of the anti-imperialist and socialist consciousness of the masses!

The interest and the support for Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution are not limited to the anti-imperialist course Venezuela is leading in Latin America. The revolutionary process, the struggle of the workers and the peasants, the factory occupations, the debate about workers’ control and especially the debate on socialism is inspiring many of the left-wing youth in the Arab world. The proof of this is to be found in the left-wing discussion forums on the internet where this question is discussed.

With this new website we aim to become a focal point for those youth and workers who are looking for an understanding of the revolutionary process taking place in Venezuela and throughout Latin America. This understanding is the basis for organising solidarity activity in the Arab world. Different left groups or parties in the Arab world have already shown their interest in this campaign.

By launching this new website we not only hope to help our sisters and brothers in Venezuela but also to accelerate the emergence of a similar mass revolutionary movements in the Arab world.

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